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New product release 104-477 Stand Alone AutoNetwork IP Camera

This camera is unique in that it is plug and play and once plugged into a network you can view the camera on a PC or Smartphone with no programming on the LAN what so ever. It has inbuilt Wifi so if you can’t wire a LAN cable to it, send the signal back to the router via a Wifi. (This of course would need to be programmed to suit your Wifi)

The Camera comes with a ID and password and once these details are entered into the Smartphone app then it can be found. Move the camera from one network to another and with no programming the Smartphone will find it.!

It is stand alone and this camera does not connect to any DVR or NVS etc. If recording is required then you can insert a SD Card (not supplied) and record on that for a few days.

There are two apps now available in that range. “mEZViewerFree” and “mEZViewerFull”. Both works. The ‘free’ app is free!!, where the full version costs approx $6.99 and allows recording functions.

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