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New Security Panel with Touch Key Pad

Ness Security Products now have a touch Keypad on the Navigator Panel.

DISS found it was a pleasure to install the new Ness Navigator  Touch Screen Keypad. It is one the best looking and most functional alarm interface ever made. The Interface was a dream to use and once we got over the touch press feel of the keypad it was effortless. Many options were available from default. The plain English text reduced error which has been a problem with the standard code-pad imputing methods. The only negative was that the Home Mode was not made default for all zones. However, a nice panel that DISS will slot into it range of panels.


Teamed with the feature-packed new D8x and D16x version 7 panels, Navigator provides both the user and the installer with unrivalled ease of use.

Navigator’s many display screens make it easy to view all your zones with your own text descriptions, get help and prompts for arming. disarming, operating outputs, emergency alarms and much more.

Operating your Ness alarm system is easier!

Compatible with:
106-110 Ness D8x Navigator Control Panel
106-112 Ness D16x Navigator Control Panel



Security Monitoring control rooms past and present

We have come a long way in our Security Monitoring Stations. Wormald Security was the leader back in the early 70’s and was considered high-tech. The Technicians were Telegraph Mechanics/Radio Trades and understood old style telecommunications as well as the new forms of Communications, that were starting to be deployed such as Centerscan.  Today we are moving ever faster towards IP  in Security.  Control rooms are now supported by a new breed of Technician that are trained in IP.

70’s  Wormald Security


SNP Security Control Room Today 1

      SNP Security Control Room Today 2


Grading Certificate – SNP


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